The world needs software solutions for Climate Change problems

Software can't remove global warming gases from the atmosphere, stop the glaciers from melting, or lower sea levels.

But it can help us better prepare, mitigate, adapt, respond, and recover from growing climate change impacts and disasters.

OASIS is all about that software development effort.

Research Projects

In 2019 we set out to investigate if there is a need for a solution that gives citizens personalized help preparing for and recovering from climate change impacts and lets trusted authorities assist them and report on their results.

As part of this effort, a great deal of market and technical research was conducted over the last 18 months. Over 140 students have been involved so far, in dozens of academic institutions in Canada and internationally.

Our greatest finding was the willingness of citizens to take responsibility and use climate change impact platform to help themselves, their neighbors and community plan for, mitigate and recover from climate change disasters. We also confirmed that a software solution can be built to help.

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We continue to gather unique insights into the ways software can help prepare individuals and communities deal with climate change-related problems, impacts and natural disasters.

While there are many ways to build software, we have come to the conclusion that solutions for climate change are at their best when they are built a certain way.

We call this unique software solution methodology OASIS.

Software Platform

We are building a software technology prototype to accelerate the creation of climate change solutions and demonstrate how software can address and help overcome common communication and other barriers that prevent individual and communities from preparing for, responding to, and recovering from climate change impacts and disasters.

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