Frequently Asked Questions

  • OASIS4 Climate Change is a flexible new service Deploy Solutions is offering to share our unique climate change software-related research, insights, expertise and technology.
  • Depending on the customer need, it may include a blend of free content, premium paid content, professional services, and even fixed price software development (all related to climate change projects).
  • In 2019 we started researching ways software could help individuals, communities, and governments prepare, collaborate, adapt, and respond to climate change impacts, risks, and problems.
  • We surveyed and worked with hundreds of students and Canadian citizens on a wide range of technical and non technical topics. And we started work on prototype software to put these ideas in practice.
  • It quickly became clear that building climate change-related applications isn't like normal software development. There are all kinds of challenges to overcome and considerations that need to be made. At the same time, there is no practical “roadmap” or information that explains how to build such software.
  • We have now accumulated years of expertise and insights. We’ve shared our progress at GeoIgnite every year. During just a few years, climate change disasters have been rapidly increasing in scope and severity.
  • So, we decided it was high time to close the information gap. By offering a freemium service we can share knowledge and help others with climate change projects, while supporting our R&D efforts.
  • We offer a weekly newsletter.
  • For a monthly fee OASIS4 Climate Change+ subscribers get extra access to premium content and regular webinars.
  • And, if you are working on a climate change-related project and would like on demand consulting or software development assistance, we can provide you with additional content, resources, and code.
  • Anyone who is interested in software development for responding to climate change!
  • Having said that, it is primarily a B2B and B2GOV offering. The target audience are decision makers who belong to what we call “Trusted Authorities”.
  • These are organizations which a) have a climate change-related mandate and b) are working on projects that could benefit from climate change-related software development expertise.
  • The weekly newsletter is free.
  • For $25/month OASIS4 Climate Change+ subscribers get access to premium content and webinars.
  • And, if you are working on a climate change-related project and would like on demand consulting or software development assistance, we provide that as well on an hourly rate or fixed price basis (determined after meeting and discussing your specific needs).
  • So, it’s intentionally very flexible, with a focus on adding value and accelerating your project.

We'll tailor the service to fit your precise climate change project-related goals, objectives, and constraints. Whatever your climate change-related software need is, we can help. Email us and start the conversation!