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Overcoming Communication Gaps and Barriers Related to Climate Change

Why is communication critical?

When it comes to climate change, our research has shown that there is a critical communication gap between individuals, their communities, and trusted authorities - government officials, scientists and experts.

As individuals, we often don't know how to avoid, mitigate, adapt to, or recover from the growing effects of climate change in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Even if we do act, trusted authorities don't have a way to record our actions and ensure that they are effective. We need some way to overcome this communication gap and help citizens before, during, and after climate change disasters.

Citizen Flood Mobile App all screens

Key Design Goals

  • Built using our unique OASIS4 Climate Change Software Methodology
  • Open source
  • Modular & Flexible to help with multiple impacts
  • End user-focused (individuals/communities, trusted authorities, citizen scientists, etc)
  • Practical advice and clear guidance before, during, and after climate change impacts and disasters
  • Accurate, data-driven reporting and communication channel for Trusted Authorities.
  • Built for scale, security, availability and reliability
  • Built "in the open" for maximum feedback and usefulness
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OASIS4 Climate Change Software Methodology

Software solutions that address climate change problems are at their best when they are:
- Open
- Accelerated
- Scientific
- Insightful

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